Niagara Falls: A Romantic Getaway and Family Adventure at Sheraton On The Falls Resort

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A Suite Stay with a View

My partner and I decided to indulge in a late September getaway at the Sheraton On The Falls, taking advantage of the attractive off-season rates. Our journey from Toronto was a prelude to relaxation, and upon arrival, we were greeted by the comfort of a premium suite. The room boasted a cozy sitting area with a fireplace, a king-size bed, a jetted tub, and most impressively, an unobstructed panorama of both the Horseshoe and American Falls. The nightly illumination of the falls and the sunrise amidst the mist provided a naturalmega888
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spectacle from the comfort of our suite.

Entertainment and Dining at Falls Avenue

Our exploration began with the vibrant Falls Avenue and Clifton Hill, where the Sheraton sits at the heart of the action. This area is a hub of entertainment, featuring dining options like Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Café, and Rainforest Café, alongside attractions such as a simulated “Ride Over the Falls,” “Dino Island 3D,” and “Elvira’s Haunted Coaster.” For those with a sweet tooth, the Hershey chocolate shop is a must-visit, and the thrill-seekers can try their luck at Casino Niagara.
Casino Niagara: A Magnet for All Ages

Contrary to the Niagara Falls depicted in Marilyn Monroe’s film ‘Niagara,’ Casino Niagara is a modern hotspot bustling with activity. It attracts a diverse crowd, with retirees particularly enjoying the blackjack tables and slot machines. This popularity has spurred further development, including plans for a second Canadian casino and aspirations for a new American casino to rejuvenate Niagara Falls, New York’s tourism sector.
Clifton Hill: A Tourist’s Playground

Clifton Hill is a treasure trove of attractions, from the Guiness World Records Museum to Ripley’s Believe it or Not, haunted houses, and the Movieland Wax Museum. The area is a carnival of souvenir shops, arcades, and eateries, offering a full day’s worth of entertainment for those willing to dive into the tourist experience.
A Rainforest Dining Experience

Our culinary adventure led us to the Rain Forest Café, where the menu boasted exotic dishes like Chimi-Cha-Cha and Mojo Bones. Amidst animatronic wildlife and simulated rainstorms, we dined under tropical trees, enjoying the theatrical ambian