Natural Skin Care – Healthy Ways to Pamper Your Complexion

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Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It endures constant exposure to toxins, free radicals and oxidation.

Since skin secretes oils and toxins during the night, cleansing in the morning is necessary to prepare skin for moisturizer and makeup. It is also very important to cleanse your face every night, especially if you wear makeup. When you sleep, your pores open and your skin breathes, so anything on your face will be absorbed into your skin. In other words, everything that is on your face – cosmetics and environmental pollutants
– will be absorbed into the deeper levels of your skin.

Using the proper cleansers and cleansing tools will keep your skin fresh and youthful looking.
It has been scientifically confirmed that topical vitamin C and E help to protect skin against free radicals which breakdown skin tissue and cause premature signs of aging. It is important to know that the benefit to your skin in performance and protection depends upon the percentage and form of vitamin C and E in the skin care formulas.

In Prevention Magazine’s April 2002 issue, Amy Newburger, M.D., associate physician in clinical dermatology at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons states, in reference to vitamin E, “You can find this antioxidant in just about any beauty product. Unfortunately it usually isn’t present in high enough concentrations (5% or more according to a recent study) to really do your skin any good.”

Vitamin C, another vital antioxidant, also helps protect the skin against free radical damage (oxidation). However, as Dr. Newburger confirms, vitamin C is very unstable, breaks down quickly, and must be stored correctly to remain potent. Her recommendation, “Look for products in opaque airtight containers. A pump dispenser is great for sealing out oxygen and extending product life.”

Be aware, just because vitamin C is included in an ingredient list doesn’t necessarily mean that it is in the proper form or percentage ratio to achieve its’ claims. The use of vitamins (especially vitamin C) requires knowledge of t