Media and the Mind: Part 2

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Ildiko Minko, a graduate of The American Film Institute, has a clear vision for The Good News Program. Her extensive training makes her uniquely qualified to spearhead this initiative. While others may contribute, she is the primary architect of this idea. In our previous conversation, we discussed the need for enlightened and transformative programming in the media. This week, we delve deeper into her plans.

The Need for Positive News

Q1: Ildiko, can you elaborate on your plans for The Good News Program?

Ildiko: “I stopped watching news programs globally because they are saturated with bad news. They highlight all the terrible things happening around the world. My plan is to counterbalance this by showcasing the good things happening. Wonderful things.”

Creating an Enlightened Program

Q2: What is your vision for creating an enlightened Good News Program that will captivate and excite your viewers?

Ildiko: “We will focus solely on positive deeds and news happening worldwide. We will highlight the beauty in people.”×280&!6&btvi=4&fsb=1&dtd=73379

Igniting Imagination and Participation

Q3: How will The Good News Program ignite the imagination and invite more people to join the movement of generating uplifting and inspiring programming globally?