Fine Chemicals: extend industrial chain and enhance the added value

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It not only needs intensive technology, intensive capital, but also the human resources, technology, capital, market of downstream supporting product and many other conditions. It is becoming an important symbol of petrochemical industry development. As the profit margins of petrochemical and basic chemical shrinks, more and more developed countries and large petrochemical companies shift the core industry to fine chemicals. They intend to occupy the next high ground by the leading biotechnology, new materials and new energy technologies.


At present, the output value of China’s fine chemical rate of 45% or so, there is a big gap with foreign, mainly in the mostly low-end 10-hydroxydecanoic acid products; refinement of low added value; low level of production technology; enterprises are small, low concentration resource allocation efficiency is not high; environmental pollution has become an important constraint.

China fine chemical industry’s main task is to technological innovation to the green, high performance, dedicated and high added value as the objective to address the catalytic technology, process intensification technology, fine processing technology, bio-chemical technology constraints such as China Fine Chemical Industry common key technology industry as a breakthrough, Pesticide vigorously develop new technologies, recycled paper fiber preparation technology specialty chemicals, functional silicone rubber industry technology, fluorine-containing fine chemicals, production technology, to promote the development of relevant industries.

Among them, the dye industry will focus on the development of sulfonation, nitration, reduction, alkali fusion reactions of the four major clean production technologies, improve the level of clean production, the development of high value-added and specialty varieties of functional dyes; paint industry focus on developing water-based, high solids , powdered, and buildings, bridges, aviation, automotive, marine and other areas of high performance products to improve the environmental friendliness of products and dedicated; adhesive industry focuses on the development of modified type, water-based, hot melt type, light-cured , high-solids adhesive products such as preparation of new technologies. Focus on developing high-purity electronic chemicals, reagents, high purity gases, performance materials, preparation of new packaging technologies; paper focuses on the development of waste paper deinking chemical agents, chemical pulp bleaching products, new sizing agent, wet and dry paper reinforcing agent, to meet the development needs of paper industry; bio-chemical non-food renewable resources as raw materials and bio-polymer materials, high value-added products such as the development goals, focusing on development of efficient bio-catalysis, bio-separation coupling reactions, bioreactor technology, devel