DirecTV Has Exclusive Broadcasting Rights

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So many times in life one business or service provider makes claims that they have, or can do something that sets them apart from all their competitors. Upon closer inspection though, their claims turn out to be false, or blown out of proportion and what they have is pretty much what all their competitors have.


The TV programming business is full of these types of claims and it can be hard to sort them all out due to the , of channels and choices in programming packages amongst so many other things. Some of these claims can be down right ridicules.

Cable service providers often claim that satellite service is vulnerable to atmospheric disturbances, such as rain storms and that you will therefore get more reliable service from a cable service provider. The crazy truth is that cable service providers use satellites to transmit their programming, before it is transferred into cables for delivery to their unfortunate customers.

Cable service providers also have a documented higher rate of service outages than satellite service providers do. This is just one of the many baseless and backwards claims that cable service companies throw out there from time to time, as part of the smoke and mirrors policy that they use when comparing their service to that of satellite service providers.

Facts are so important when making any comparisons between TV programming service providers. DirecTV is the all time leader in sports programming and this is a documented fact that can be backed up with actual numbers.


They have a full twenty-five channels of programming that are devoted exclusively to sports and no other programming service provider can come close to those numbers. They could have stopped there, because this alone puts them in the top spot in sports, in the vast field of programming service providers but they didn’t.

DirecTV sought out and secured exclusive sports progra